New models of smart glasses Huawei went on sale

They are intended for those who cannot boast of perfect vision.
In mid-September, the Chinese manufacturer Huawei launched a smart wearable gadget that has nothing to do with smartphones. We are talking about smart glasses Huawei EyeWear Smart Glasses, which were created in collaboration with the brand Gentle Monster.

The line of smart glasses Huawei EyeWear Smart Glasses was announced in April this year. It includes five models: Smart East Moon 01, Smart Jack Bye 01, Smart South Side 01, Smart Alio 01 and Smart Alio C1. The first two models are sunglasses, another three models are designed for people with imperfect vision.

At the end of this week, the Smart South Side 01, Smart Alio 01 and Smart Alio C1 models finally went on sale. The price of smart glasses ranges from 280 to 355 dollars.

Recall, the gadget allows you to talk on the phone without getting it, as it is equipped with a pair of microphones and stereo speakers. To answer the phone, users just need to click on the bow. To improve the quality of communication in the glasses built-in noise reduction technology AI Bluetooth.

The case has IP67 protection, there is a USB-C connector for charging, which can be carried out wirelessly in a leather case. The built-in battery lasts for 2.5 hours of talking or listening to music.

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