New Intel Desktop Processors May Delay Until April

At the beginning of next year, Intel should introduce a new generation of desktop processors – Comet Lake. The microarchitecture and the technological process in it will not change, new CPUs alone will require a new socket – LGA 1200. The number of cores and threads will also grow: for example, the top-end Core i9 will operate with 10 cores.

According to the source, these processors will not be released at the very beginning of the year. We are promised the Z490 chipset only in April, and it will be the first in the new line, which means that the CPUs themselves will be released in April. Intel will later release more affordable chipsets.

In addition, the source talks about the Core i5-10400 processor, which will receive six cores with Hyper-Threading support and will operate at frequencies of 3.5-4.1 GHz.

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