New Bluetooth LE standard extends battery life for wireless headphones


Smartphone manufacturers are increasingly getting rid of connectors for wired headphones, preferring Bluetooth-models of portable speakers with a built-in battery. The Bluetooth SIG Association has announced the new LE Audio standard, capable of surpassing the current Bluetooth 5.0 in energy efficiency while maintaining high sound quality.

The advent of Bluetooth 5.0 has already helped launch a large number of wireless headphones. LE Audio, according to developers, can bring technology to a higher level. The new standard will use a codec that provides reduced power consumption, and will add to the list of features of the wireless interface the function of transmitting high-quality multi-stream audio signal.

Low Energy protocol, exists since 2011 and is used for passive connections with devices like wearable electronics and sensors. LE Audio also provides audio transmission using the Low Complexity Communication Codec (LC3). It is assumed that with its use, audio quality will remain high even with a decrease in bitrate – this will significantly save battery power of playback devices.

The new technology will allow you to avoid delays and connection failures – it provides independent transmission to each of the headphones and even allows you to share the signal with the gadgets of others. Bluetooth SIG is also working on the Broadcast Audio algorithm, which allows one stream to be transmitted to multiple users – visitors to bars, airports, theaters and other public places.

It is expected that Bluetooth LE Audio will begin to appear in commercial devices in the first half of 2020. The list of the first devices supporting the new standard has not yet been announced.


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