New AirPods Pro firmware “breaks” important headphone function


Apple regularly releases software updates for its devices – the company’s new TWS headphones, called AirPods Pro, are no exception. But shortly after updating the firmware to the latest version, network users began to complain about the incorrect operation of the accessory, and a specialized resource conducted its own “investigation” and confirmed that the software component of the gadgets caused the “breakdown”.

The software version number 2C54 was released on December 16 last year. Shortly after the update, some users noted the incorrect operation of the headphone noise reduction system. Portal RTINGS, engaged in checking the quality of electronics, conducted its own testing of a new version of the firmware and confirmed the presence of a problem.

“After updating to firmware 2C54, we again tested the headphones and our results indicate a significant deterioration in the quality of sound insulation, especially bass. This means that with the noise canceling system turned on, the headphones will not be able to cope with blocking the low-frequency noise of aircraft engines or buses as efficiently as they did before the update, ”the resource specialists said.

It is noteworthy that at the same time the firmware improved the sound quality of music. Apple did not openly acknowledge the software issue, but suspended the distribution of the update and is allegedly working to fix the problem. Those who have already managed to update their accessory can only wait for the next patch.


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