NEC Assists D-Wave in Commercial Implementation of Quantum Computing

NEC pledged to invest $ 10 million in D-Wave.
D-Wave Systems, known as a developer of quantum computers, has signed an agreement with NEC to accelerate the implementation of quantum computing. More specifically, partners expect to stimulate the development of hybrid services that “combine the best features of quantum and classical computers and make it easy to incorporate quantum capabilities into integrated workflows.”

Both companies plan to promote the quantum cloud service D-Wave Leap, which includes hybrid tools and services, as well as new joint developments.

It is also expected that NEC and D-Wave will help their customers to develop applications that use the capabilities of hybrid systems to solve applied problems of business and science in various industries.

Note that the work does not start from scratch: D-Wave customers have already developed more than 200 applications designed for the use of hybrid systems in various fields – from automotive and manufacturing to machine learning and materials science.

NEC has pledged to invest $ 10 million in D-Wave. Collaboration will begin after NEC fulfills this commitment.

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