NASA will study red-hot Venus with balloons

It is believed that in the distant past, Venus was similar to our planet. However, now its hot atmosphere makes it difficult to conduct research using existing technologies. NASA is considering exploring an inhospitable planet with special balloons.

From the 1960s to the 1980s, scientists from the USSR sent nine probes to study Venus. They all failed. Constantly erupting volcanoes, sulfur clouds, high temperature and atmosphere, 90 times denser than on Earth, makes the planet difficult to research.

One of the ideas of NASA is to send peculiar balloons to the atmosphere of Venus. A special design should allow to “saddle” the hot winds of the planet. According to the plans, another probe will be launched to process and transmit data, which will communicate with the Earth from orbit.

The space agency’s plans also include the creation of a lander that can land on the surface of Venus, but modern technology will not allow it to last longer than several hours.

A detailed study of Venus will make it possible to understand how it turned from a planet similar to the Earth into a red-hot uninhabited hell.

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