NASA suddenly found a positive consequence of coronavirus

Due to the epidemic of coronavirus in China, the number of cases tends to 100,000, and the dead are in the thousands. In this regard, a special situation was introduced in the country with a halt to the activities of enterprises, and large exhibitions are being canceled around the world. Against the backdrop of all these sad events, NASA employees were able to find a positive consequence of the situation.

After analyzing satellite images, NASA and the European Space Agency found a sharp decrease in air pollution over China. The images show that in early January, the level of carbon dioxide over many regions of the country was quite high, but then the concentration of nitrogen dioxide became less and less. As of the end of February, its traces almost completely disappeared. The reason is simple – a massive stoppage of large-scale production in the country.

NASA noted that initially the reduction in emission concentration was most noticeable in Wuhan, where the outbreak of the virus began. In general, this is observed annually due to the holidays in honor of the Lunar New Year, when many enterprises are closing, but this time “air purification” turned out to be much larger.

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