NASA plans in 2022 to send to the moon a robot that will look for water

NASA intends in 2022 to send to the moon a robot the size of a golf cart. His task will be to search for water deposits below the surface of our satellite in order to assess the availability of a vital resource on the eve of a human flight to the moon, planned for 2024. Water can be used for drinking and other needs of astronauts for a long stay on the moon, as well as the manufacture of fuel.

The VIPER robot is supposed to study kilometers of dusty lunar surface to find “hundreds of millions of tons of water ice” that could turn the moon into a starting point on Mars. The name VIPER stands for Volatiles Investigation Polar Exploration Rover.

It is expected that the device will lunar in the southern polar region of the moon in December 2022. He will have four instruments for the selection of lunar soil for the presence of hydrogen and oxygen.

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