Named the smartphone with the best screen in the world

With the release of each new flagship smartphone, professional laboratories test them in various use cases, in particular, attention is paid to the quality of the display.

To date, the smartphone with the best screen in the world has been announced as the Samsung Galaxy S20. The US agency Underwriters Laboratories has calculated the power consumption of this display when playing photos and Internet content. The data shows that its average power consumption is 1.3 watts, which is about 15% lower than that of the Samsung Galaxy S10. Thanks to this, the smartphone was awarded the Energy Saving Certificate.

In addition, the Swiss agency Societe Generale de Surveillance has confirmed that Samsung’s new OLED screen also has safety advantages for previous users over previous products. It emits a minimal percentage of the harmful blue part of the light spectrum and is superior to other OLED screens. Compared to conventional liquid crystal products, this figure is 70% lower. Based on these data, the agency has assigned the Eye Protection certificate to this screen.

Before the Galaxy S20, the iPhone 11 Pro had the best screen in the industry, and before it, the Samsung Galaxy Note10 received this award. It is easy to assume that the Galaxy Note20 and iPhone 12 Pro will intercept the baton.

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