Named the most powerful Android smartphones in February

The developers of the popular Chinese benchmark Master Lu published a list of the most powerful Android smartphones in February 2020. It presents new models presented during the month. Interestingly, the results of some models raise questions.

According to Master Lu, the most powerful smartphone in February with a score of 518,184 points was the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. The Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 scored almost 40,000 points less, taking second and third places respectively. Next up are the Realme X50 Pro 5G, Xiaomi Mi10 Pro, iQOO 3 5G, ZTE Axon 10s Pro and Xiaomi Mi10. In ninth place, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip with last year’s Snapdragon 855+ processor was very unexpectedly located. After it comes the HUAWEI Mate Xs, and then the Vivo Z6 5G with a Snapdragon 765G processor, which turned out to be more powerful than the Sony Xperia 1 II on the Snapdragon 865. Sony Xperia 10 II is located in 13th place, inside which Snapdragon 665 is installed, and the Sharp Aquos rating closes R5G with the top Snapdragon 865.

It is unclear how mid-range models were more powerful than flagships. This may be due to optimization problems of both the benchmark itself and new smartphones.

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