Musk called for split Amazon

Tesla CEO Elon Musk this week called for to be split into several, after one of the authors complained on social media about the inability to put up a book for sale on-line at this online store.

“It’s crazy, @JeffBezos,” Musk tweeted to the head of the world’s largest online store. Jeff Bezos, who heads Amazon, as well as Musk, is a billionaire and runs a commercial space company.

“Time to smash Amazon.” Monopolies are bad! ” – added Musk.

The source clarifies that Mask does not have legal authority to share Amazon.

Amazon did not comment on Mask’s appeal, but said that the author’s book under consideration, Alex Berenson, was blocked by mistake and is now available for purchase on the Kindle service. Allegedly, the decision to resume selling the book was not made due to Musk’s reaction. According to Amazon, the book “Unspoken truths about COVID-19 and locks: Part 1. Introduction, death counts and estimates” did not meet the recommendations.

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