Motorola is convinced of the durability of the screen in a flexible smartphone Razr

A few days ago, Motorola introduced its first flexible smartphone – Razr. It can be called the reincarnation of the cult phone Razr V3, which at one time was extremely popular.

Like the Galaxy Fold, Motorola’s novelty is folding inward with a flexible screen, that is, the bending radius of the display is minimal. This fact, as well as the story with the first launch of Galaxy Fold, makes us think about the reliability and durability of such a product.

Source reporters decided to directly ask Motorola experts about the reliability of the Razr.

We did not release this smartphone to the market until we were convinced that it was ready. We are fully confident in the durability of the Flex View screen. Based on our research, it will work over the average life of a smartphone.

A Motorola spokesman also confirmed that at present, the new Razr remains the exclusive of the Verizon operator, that is, it will not be so easy to buy even with the right amount.

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