Most popular operating systems and browsers as of March 2020

Netmarketshare released a report on the most popular operating systems and browsers in March 2020. The report said that Microsoft Edge, which many consider the successor to Internet Explorer, has become the second most popular browser in the world.

With the end of support for Windows 7, more and more users are switching to Windows 10. This operating system currently occupies 57.34% of the market share, followed by Windows 7 with a market share of 26.23%. Windows 8.1 took third place with a share of 3.69%, followed by MacOS X 10.14 with a market share of 2.62%.

If we talk about browsers, then Google Chrome has increased its market share to 68.5%, followed by Microsoft Edge with a share of 7.59%. Previously, Mozilla Firefox took second place, which ended up in third place with a score of 7.19%. The fourth place is taken by Internet Explorer, which has 5.87%.

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