Most popular Linux beat Windows 10 in performance test

Ubuntu vs. Windows 10 on a $ 200 laptop.
Phoronix Media founder and chief developer of Phoronix Test Suite Michael Larabel conducted an interesting performance test on Windows 10 and Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is developed by Canonical and is the most popular desktop Linux distribution for ordinary users.

Testing was conducted on an inexpensive Motile M141 laptop for $ 200 based on an AMD Ryzen 3 3200U processor. Windows 10 Home was preinstalled on the laptop, and then Ubuntu 20.04 LTS was added. The configuration includes 4 GB of RAM and a 120 GB solid-state drive. The 14-inch display has Full HD resolution.

According to Larabel, he conducted 63 tests on both operating systems and Ubuntu proved to be faster than Windows 10 in 60% of cases, and the geometric mean of all 63 tests showed that the laptop worked 15% faster with Ubuntu than on Windows 10.

In particular, on Ubuntu, Java text rendering was much faster, many video benchmarks, tracing in Intel Trave Tracer and the Python 3 environment. Larabel noted that the greatly overrated GIMP graphical editor in the test version worked noticeably faster on Ubuntu than GIMP 2.10 on Windows 10 .

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