Most Chinese refused to buy a new smartphone amid the coronavirus pandemic

According to a recent report from Strategy Analytics, a research company called Consumer Intentions to Buy Smartphones Against the Background of COVID-19, many Chinese smartphone users have decided to postpone the purchase of their new phone.

The survey was conducted at the end of March; 1300 people took part in it. Against the backdrop of the pandemic, 37% of users postponed the purchase of a new smartphone indefinitely. 32% of users said they want to buy a smartphone with 5G support, but so far in the current conditions they will wait for the situation to improve.

28% of respondents said that the coronavirus pandemic did not affect their mood to purchase a new mobile device, and 9% replied that they simply did not plan to change their phone, and the pandemic had nothing to do with it.

The same report says that 41% of Apple users plan to purchase a new iPhone, regardless of the current situation. Representatives of Strategy Analytics note that supply chains, factories and retail stores are gradually returning to normal working conditions, but consumer demand will recover much longer.

Suppliers and telecom operators will have to offer users attractive conditions in order to raise sales to the previous level.

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