More than half of the premium smartphone segment is the iPhone. Apple smartphones ranked first four out of five

Counterpoint analysts evaluated the premium smartphone market for the first quarter. In this case, premium models are worth more than $ 400.

To begin with, this segment dipped by a considerable 13%, which is primarily due, of course, to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, as a year earlier, the share of premium smartphones accounted for 22% of all sales. And in monetary terms, this segment accounts for 57% of all smartphone market revenue.

The leader of the segment, of course, remains Apple. She took 57%. Samsung now has 19%, another 12% falls on Huawei, while Oppo and Xiaomi took 3% and 2%, respectively. All other companies account for a total of only 7%.

At the same time, Apple was a segment leader in all major markets except China, where Huawei remains in the first place. But other places from market to market can be very different. For example, in North America in the top five, besides Apple and Samsung, Google, OnePlus and LG are located, and in Latin America Asus is in fifth place.

If we talk not about brands, but about models, then Apple is still ahead of the rest. The four most popular premium segment models out of five are the iPhone. IPhone 11 accounted for 30% of all sales, another 9% for the iPhone 11 Pro Max, 7% for the iPhone 11 Pro and 6% for last year’s best-selling iPhone XR. The fifth position with 3% took Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G.

Also very interesting are the statistics regarding the division of the premium segment itself. For example, the share of devices costing $ 400-600 fell from 37% to 32%, but sales of smartphones worth $ 600-800 grew almost one and a half times! More expensive smartphones have shown a decline.

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