Moment mount allows you to use filters with a diameter of 67 mm with any smartphone

At the same time, ND filters with a diameter of 67 mm are presented.
Moment, a developer of photography accessories, has released 67mm filters and a mount that allows you to use them or other 67mm filters with any smartphone.

Unlike similar mounts that rely on a case, the Moment mount can be installed directly on your smartphone. It is designed for devices with cameras that consist not only of one, but also of several modules, for example, on the Apple iPhone 11 Pro. In addition, the mount also works with laptop cameras.

Allegedly, the designers took additional measures so that the mount does not interfere with recording sound from the microphone if it is located on the back of the smartphone. According to Moment, in competing solutions, this moment is ignored.

As for the filters suggested by Moment, these are neutral variable density (ND) filters. One is adjustable within 2–5 EV, the second – 6–9 EV. They are made using Schott B270 Pro Cinema Glass. Each costs $ 150. Both are offered together for $ 280, and a mount costs $ 30. Filters are already available. Deliveries of fastenings should begin in the second half of April.

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