Installing macOS Mojave 10.14.6 on HP EliteBook 8770w

Few days ago I decided to try install macOS Mojave to my HP 8770w WorkStation. Before this I’m used High Sierra on it because wait when I’ll can update Mojave to the latest 10.14.6 macOS.

I’m used Clover for Mojave to  make bootable EFI partition, Terminal to make USB Installer and Clover Configurator Mojave to mount EFI partition.

Yes, it will be Mojave Hackintosh for me.  🙂


1. Run the Terminal, enter sudo and do not forget to put a space

2. Right-click on the macOS image file and select “Show Package Contents”. In the window that opens, find the createinstallmedia file and drag it into the Terminal window.

3. Next, type the command –volume, put a space and drag the icon of the previously created flash drive into the Terminal window.

4. put a space, drag the image from macOS into the window of the Terminal.

5. Enter the password and press Enter. To confirm the action you need to use the Y button.

You have to wait pretty much – the creation procedure takes a lot of time, on average from 10 to 30 minutes.

Restart your computer and install Mojave macOS.

After installation just mount both EFI Partitions and copy EFI folder from USB to HDD or SSD where was Mojave installed.


You CAN {Download}

{HP8770w EFI folder, Clover Configurator}

13 Replies to “Installing macOS Mojave 10.14.6 on HP EliteBook 8770w”

  1. I get this error ” This version of Mac OS X is not supported on this platform ” and after 10 seconds the PC shuts down

  2. After several attempts to install Mac OS Mojave on my Elitebook 8770W, I managed to install 100% functional Catalina. Battery indicator OK, wifi OK, brightness control OK, volume control OK, K3000M video card fully functional, webcam OK, audio OK.

  3. I installed mac osx mojave on my elitebook 8770w in dualboot with windows10 which works everything. I put macosx on a samsung 870 evo ssd and windows on a msata ssd. With clover I see windows correctly. without clover you cannot start windows from msata ssd. so I also put another 1tb hard drive shared between the 2 systems. all this without sacrificing the DVD.

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