Mobile version of Google Chrome has a useful feature for protecting users

Google continues to work actively to improve and add new features to the branded Chrome browser. Now the company has undertaken to increase the security of the mobile version of the application, adding an experimental option so that users can protect themselves from identity theft.

The “Security Check” function previously appeared in the desktop version of Chrome, and now it comes on Android. At the moment, it is available in a test Canary assembly. To activate it, enter chrome: // flags in the address bar of the browser, and then find the Safety Check on Android option and activate it through a search. After that, the corresponding section will appear in the settings, as shown in the screenshots above.

A “security audit” includes three stages of verification. The first warns of the need to enable the Safe Browsing feature to protect users from suspicious sites. The second step is to check the saved passwords for whether they were compromised. Finally, the third stage of the check is to determine whether the most current version of the browser is installed, including the latest security fixes.

The innovation allows users to protect themselves as much as possible while surfing the web. The timing of its appearance in the stable version is not reported. You can access this and other experimental features by downloading Chrome Canary on Google Play.

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