Miniature electric car Citroen Ami in Europe can be driven without a license

Two-seater vehicle can drive 45 km without recharging.
Citroёn introduced the ultra-compact city electric car Ami. The French carmaker attributes to his merits the features common to all electric vehicles: no harmful emissions, quiet and smooth running.

In addition, compact and maneuverability is called a plus. The length of the machine is 2.41 m, the width is 1.36 m (excluding mirrors), the height is 1.52 m, and the turning diameter is 7.2 m. The baby weighs 490 kg (with battery). The maximum speed is 45 km / h.

There is enough space for two people in the heated cabin of the microcar. Since Ami is classified as a closed scooter, in France it can be driven from the age of 14, in other European countries – from 16. A driver’s license is not needed for this.

The 5.5 kWh battery can be fully charged from the wall outlet in three hours. This will be enough to drive 70 km. And in one hour you can “refuel” on a 45 km track.

The electric car is priced at 6,000 euros, but both long-term and per-minute rents are possible. Reception of orders in France will begin this month. Later, orders will be able to place residents of Spain, Italy, Belgium and Portugal, and then – Germany. The start date for deliveries in France is June.

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