Microsoft’s dream has come true. Users began to upgrade to Windows 10

After stopping support for Windows 7.
Net Applications, a web analytics company, released a report on the prevalence of operating systems in January 2020.

With the completion of support for the Windows 7 operating system, Microsoft finally saw progress in moving users to the more modern Windows 10 operating system.

In January, the share of Windows 10 grew by several points and reached 57.8%. In second place is still Windows 7 with a share of 25.66%.

For comparison, in November last year, the share of Windows 10 even decreased – from 54.30% in October to 53.33%. In December, growth was again visible – up to 54.62%.

Windows 8.1 ranks third with a large gap, with a share of 3.38%, and fourth place – macOS X 10.14 and a share of 3.12%.

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