Microsoft will protect Windows 10 from accidentally deleting important user files

Windows 10 introduced a more modern version of Disk Cleanup – Storage Sense, which solves the same problem more flexibly. Storage Sense appeared in build 1809, but the utility has undergone some important changes in the current insider version of the OS. The fact is that a previous version of Storage Sense could delete files from the Downloads folder. In the assembly under the number 19018, it became possible to disable the downloads of the Downloads folder at the request of the user, which was selected in the default settings. And although at first glance this is a minor improvement, it pleases the fact that the company from Redmond is trying to take into account the wishes of users.

An important part of Windows 10 is the Disk Cleanup utility, which allows you to quickly delete temporary files that take up storage space.

However, in the October Windows Update October 10, 2018 Update (version 1809), changes were made to the utility that jeopardized the user’s files from the Downloads folder. It was too easy to check the deletion box automatically, and then search for a long time where the important content went.

In Windows 10 20H1 this “innovation” is eliminated. In the new build 19018, the Downloads folder is again removed from the Disk Cleanup menu.

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