Microsoft will change the Windows notification bar as an Android curtain. This is how it looks

A new version of notifications will appear in Windows Core OS.
Microsoft does not plan to release Windows 11 in the next year or two – instead, the company has focused on finalizing the “top ten.” Nevertheless, work on promising solutions is also underway, and, probably, the most important of them is Windows Core OS. According to rumors, this is the basis of all future Microsoft OS. And we have the opportunity to take a look at the next screenshot of Windows Core OS.

And on it is a notification bar. According to the source, despite the slow pace of development of Windows Core OS, a number of innovations are still being made to this operating system. One of them will affect the notification panel, in which more “contextual” functions should appear. Judging by the picture, it will turn into a kind of curtain in Android – with a widget for playing music, standard tiles for enabling / disabling various functions, access to various settings, and so on. And everything will be configured here, so to some extent such a notification panel will be even more convenient than Android curtains.

Alas, there is no data on when Windows Core OS itself or a solution based on it will be released.

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