Microsoft was unable to launch a new Windows 10 browser without problems

Users complain about the incorrect installation of Edge on the Chromium engine.
Microsoft has recently released a new Microsoft Edge browser powered by Chromium. Such an event could not pass without problems.

Microsoft especially emphasized that the browser is available for installation in more than 90 languages. This “multilingualism” has created a funny problem.

Users began to complain that the browser is being installed in the “wrong” languages, regardless of the system settings. For example, English-speaking users began to massively receive a browser in Japanese, Italian, German or French, although English is registered in the system.

Microsoft did not convince users that this is such a new educational function to educate polyglots, but released a special document in the support section on the site explaining how to change the language in Microsoft Edge. The main problem is that you have to do this using the menu in an incomprehensible language, for example, Japanese.

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