Microsoft wants to use the human brain for cryptocurrency mining

Mining cryptocurrencies on video cards or processors will not surprise anyone. Despite the apparent availability, becoming a “miner” is not so simple: you need an expensive production plant. Apparently, Microsoft has an opinion on this subject. The company is working on a way to get digital currency using the human brain.

In a patent entitled “A cryptocurrency system that uses body activity data,” Microsoft proposes to attach a special sensor to the user. The remote server will record the activity of the body, including the work of the brain and other organs. An interested party named as an information services provider will be able to provide the user with certain tasks: viewing ads, visiting websites and much more. During their implementation, cryptocurrency mining will occur.

The operation of the sensor is based on the detection of various brain waves that are related to learning, memory and logical thinking. In addition, we are talking about alpha waves that are associated with the subconscious. Microsoft assures that all actions will be performed unconsciously. This will allow the user to go about their business while earning “digital gold”.

There is no exact information on how all this will work, for what cryptocurrency can be charged, and how it will be mined.

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