Microsoft refused to release processor cartridges for Surface Hub 2S

In September 2018, Microsoft introduced the Surface Hub 2S – a huge all-in-one PC focused on corporate customers. More precisely, in fact, the Surface Hub 2S is an improved and renamed version of the Surface Hub 2, announced back in May 2018.

One of the highlights of the device was the ability to install an additional processor cartridge, which would not only increase the productivity of the device, but also endow it with support for new functions. For example, the ability to expand the screen while maintaining the orientation of the image.

Then it was said that such cartridges will appear in 2020. And now it’s reported that Microsoft is not going to release them this year. And in general it is not clear whether they will ever come out – the company does not specify this moment.

Instead of releasing a hardware cartridge, Microsoft decided to focus on a software update, both for the Surface Hub 2S and the first Surface Hub.

As for those functions that were promised only when installing the cartridge, they, apparently, will appear sometime later this year as part of the next software update.

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