Microsoft may transfer Windows 10 to a paid subscription system

Software developers increasingly prefer subscription systems. This method allows you to constantly receive income from your products in order to continue to develop them. Microsoft is also no exception. She already offers a package of office applications and other services for a regular fee. And soon, Windows 10 may join such a distribution model.

Microsoft 365 Business includes many products that are available on different devices anytime, anywhere. By subscribing, users constantly get access to the current version of Outlook, Word, Excel and many other applications.

According to insiders, Microsoft may release a similar program for ordinary users. And, as reported, the structure of Microsoft 365, among other things, will include the operating system Windows 10.

Microsoft 365 is expected to target new customers. All those who already own a license for a product, including any version of Windows 10, will be able to continue to use it. The proposal is to combine all the programs the user needs into a single whole, with the ability to pay for them according to the monthly subscription rate.

Insiders clarify that for those who choose the option of subscribing to Windows 10, Microsoft can offer access to a number of exclusive features. What exactly is being discussed, and also when this happens, is not specified.

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