Microsoft is trying to fix one of the most annoying and persistent problems in Windows 10


A special application has been released for this..
Microsoft, obviously, realized that something was wrong with the search function in the Windows 10 operating system. Users have long complained about it with enviable constancy.

Not too successful attempts to correct the situation have already been made and now the company has decided to approach the problem more actively. To do this, a special application, Indexer Diagnostics, was released. It is available as a free download from the Microsoft Store.

The application allows you to identify problems associated with the Windows Search Indexer, a process that indexes and pre-sorts files in the OS, significantly speeding up the search.

The utility provides detailed statistics and other useful tools. In the search is not working section, the user will be able to start or reset the search service, and also report an error in case of failure.


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