Microsoft is going to release two new Xbox


TheVerge resource reports that Microsoft is going to release two next-generation Xbox consoles for the 2020 Christmas sales season

It is noted that Microsoft is going to release together with the high-end Project Scarlett a more affordable and not so powerful set-top box, code-named Lockhart. The company did not mention the second console when it talked about its strategy at the E3 summer show.

Rumors about the Lockhart prefix appeared about a year ago. However, in the summer, unofficial sources said that Microsoft abandoned the idea of releasing two new-generation game consoles and at the end of 2020 we will receive one top-end console.

Now Lockhart is talking again. And not only TheVerge, but also the authoritative thematic Kotaku, which received confirmation immediately from four knowledgeable sources. According to the resource, Lockhart is a cheaper and devoid version of Scarlett optical drive. Yes, just like the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.

The issue with the price of such a version has not yet been determined by the company, and therefore insiders can’t say anything. However, we can assume that Anaconda or Scarlett will become the heir to the Xbox One X, while Lockhart – the Xbox One S, with a similar difference in performance.


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