Microsoft introduced two new products to increase productivity

Microsoft introduced new accessories – the Mavis Arc Mouse for travelers and the Microsoft Kili keyboard. According to the manufacturer, they are designed for better productivity, ergonomics and vivid impressions.

The Microsoft Mavis Arc Mouse continues the iconic Arc series, which combines compact carrying with ease of use. The design allows you to bend the mouse to get started, or straighten it to a flat position and carry it even in your pocket. There is also a touchpad for scrolling vertically and horizontally. The device connects via Bluetooth 4.0 / 4.1 and is equipped with a sensor with a resolution of 1000 dpi. The mouse is available in matte black and three pastel colors: pink, green and blue. Estimated price is 5990 rubles.

The Microsoft Kili keyboard has an ergonomic shape with an improved palm rest, is oriented to work with Windows 10 and has a special key for quick access to Office 365 applications and recent documents. Connection is made via USB. Estimated price is 5790 rubles.

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