Microsoft introduced the new Edge browser logo

The new logo was discovered by users of the latest version of Microsoft Edge of the Canary branch in a hidden mini-game dedicated to surfing. To discover the team to launch the game, enthusiasts had to solve puzzles from Microsoft employees. To do this, they united in Discord chats, on the Microsoft, Reddit and other insider communities. The game can be started with the edge://surf/ command.

The puzzles led the enthusiasts to a series of words found in seven clues – they had to be entered into the Javascript function on the Microsoft Edge Insider website.

By launching the code, the “insiders” received the final instructions for unlocking the game launch team: create a “collection”, name it Microsoft Edge and add four elements to it that form the word “S.U.R.F.”
It looks like SkuFree, a skier game that was part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack 3 for Windows in 1991. Players need to use the keyboard to navigate, collect bonuses and dodge shields.

After the game is completed, an ad with a new logo appears

Microsoft Edge Beta was released in August 2019. Microsoft has not yet announced the release date for the new browser.

For one of the solutions, insiders created a 3D Edge logo, decrypting its model code using an image sent by Microsoft.

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