Microsoft has released a downloadable image of Windows 10X

Shortly after the announcement of Windows 10X, Microsoft revealed new details about the key features of the operating system at the Developer Day conference. In addition, the corporation made the preliminary OS available for download by posting its image on its official website.

One of the main differences between the X-version and the base “ten” will be the update speed – according to the developers, the process of installing the next update will take users no more than 90 seconds. Installation will take place in the background – to complete this process, you just need to reboot the device. Another important innovation will be the lack of access to the registry for applications, which will significantly increase the security of the OS.

Microsoft also claims that Windows 10X will provide stable performance for a long time – even after several months of use, the device will work the same as when it was first launched. The new Windows will be presented with support for UWP, Win32 and PWA applications – this way the OS will be able to work with most of the popular software, not limited to the offers of the integrated store. The compatibility of Win32 applications will ensure their launch in a special container, although with some limitations.

Another important difference between “lightweight” Windows will be a simplified interface. Functions such as working with windows and the clipboard will not visually change, but applets in the system tray, explorer add-ons and some other functions of the desktop version will not work.

For participants in the WIndows Insider program, Microsoft has already published a special emulator and OS image on its official website.

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