Microsoft has figured out how to prevent cursing during games. Xbox tests auto censorship

Microsoft has introduced a new feature for users of the Xbox game console. While it is in a test phase and available to participants in the Xbox Insiders testing program.

The gaming community is sometimes unrestrained in language and frankly rude. To make the environment more morally acceptable, Microsoft suggests installing one of the filters for the content.

A test participant can choose one of four filters to automatically block abuse and abusive messages. Filters are divided into four levels – friendly, middle, adult and the complete absence of filters.

A “friendly” filter hides to the maximum potential offensive or abusive words and phrases. It will be installed by default in all children’s accounts, but this setting can be changed.

The middle filter blocks discriminatory expressions or outright bullying, but allows some level of friendly hassle. An “adult” filter only hides words that are offensive in most cases. The lack of filters shows all the richness of the interlocutor’s language without cuts. You can also set different filtering levels for friends and chat requests.

For all Xbox users, the feature will begin to spread until the end of fall. It is available on consoles, PCs and mobile devices. At the initial stage, 21 languages ​​are supported.

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