Microsoft had to recall a too problematic update of Windows 10. It is better to remove it from a PC

The company recognized critical errors.
Microsoft stopped distributing the Windows 10 update with KB4524244 after users started complaining about critical errors, including a system crash.

Windows 10 update KB4524244 began to be distributed on some computers on February 11 as part of the monthly update Patch Tuesday, traditionally released on the second Tuesday of the month.

KB4524244 brings security improvements to all currently supported OS versions, including Windows 10 1909, 1903, 1809, and even 1607.

Including update fixes the vulnerability in third-party download managers implemented by PC manufacturers. However, with the versions created by HP and Apple, everything went wrong and crashes started on the computers, up to sudden reboots, freezes and a loss of functionality. However, such problems can be observed on PCs of other manufacturers.

Microsoft acknowledged the existence of critical errors and promised to release a fixed version with the assistance of manufacturing partners. While the corrected update is being prepared, Microsoft recommends deleting the faulty version in the update history by finding it through a standard search on the system.

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