Microsoft came up with an unusual way to extend the autonomy of their tablets

Introduced in October last year, Surface Neo and Surface Duo were a real surprise, but Microsoft has other unusual ideas in store for future devices. So, one of the patents of the Redmond corporation shows that the proprietary stand in Surface Pro tablets can be much more useful than now.

The name “Cover of a mobile device with an integrated solar panel” fully reflects the essence of the patent. The document describes a tablet that visually resembles a Surface Pro, with a hinged stand that integrates solar panels. There are four in the image, but in practice they can cover the entire surface to achieve a better effect.

The description of the patent says that solar panels can receive energy not only from the Sun, but also from sources of artificial lighting, which means they will be useful even indoors. True, the document does not say anything about the effectiveness of such a solution. It is not clear whether it can fully provide power to the computer without the need for a network connection, or is it just a way to slightly extend the battery life.

It is possible that this will be one of the features of the future Surface Pro 8. In addition, other manufacturers can pick up the idea, as is often the case with Surface products.

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