Microsoft 365 is not just a renamed Office 365. The service has received new features.

Microsoft officially announced that in April it will completely upgrade Office 365, a service based on a subscription system that provides access to the latest versions of Microsoft office applications. The new name of the service is Microsoft 365.

Various packages will be available to users, including Microsoft 365 Home, Microsoft 365 Personal, Microsoft 365 Business and so on. The personal package will be launched on April 21 at a price of $ 7 per month. Family subscription (up to 6 people) will cost $ 10 per month. The gradual introduction of new features in the near future is promised. For those who are an Office 365 subscriber, you can upgrade to Microsoft 365 for free.

The developers claim that Microsoft 365 is not just a renamed version of Office 365. The service will receive many useful add-ons, such as the new Microsoft editor. This program based on an artificial intelligence system can work with Word, Outlook, e-mail and web browsers, allowing you to make the written text more concise and literate, as well as correctly build sentences.

PowerPoint and Excel also have new features. For example, if the speaker did not communicate with the audience for a long time or the text contains too many parasitic words, the application will remind you of them. Excel adds tracking and new services for analyzing personal expenses. Users can import data from their own bank and current accounts.

In addition, Microsoft 365 will add two new features – the Microsoft Family Safety application and new features in Microsoft Teams. The first app is for families to share their location and manage screen time on multiple devices.

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