Micron reports for the third quarter of fiscal year 2020

Micron completed the first quarter of fiscal year 2020 on May 28. The other day, a well-known manufacturer of memory chips published a corresponding report.

Micron revenue for the reporting period amounted to $ 5.439 billion. For comparison: in the previous quarterly report, this indicator was equal to $ 4.797 billion, and a year ago a value of $ 4.788 billion was recorded.

Operating profit in the past quarter was equal to $ 888 million. In the previous quarter, operating profit was $ 440 million, and a year ago – $ 1.010 billion.

Net income was $ 803 million. In the second quarter of fiscal 2020, it was equal to $ 405 million, and in the third quarter of fiscal 2019, it was $ 840 million.

Capital expenditures during the quarter amounted to 1.92 billion dollars. During the quarter, the company bought back about 929,000 of its ordinary shares in the amount of $ 40 million and completed the quarter with $ 9.29 billion in cash and cash equivalents.

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