MediaTek is preparing a dangerous attack on Qualcomm

Qualcomm is currently the leading manufacturer of single-chip systems in the world. Nevertheless, MediaTek has a chance to improve its position soon, as the company plans to release an inexpensive single-chip system with a 5G modem.

Sources say that major smartphone manufacturers are planning to equip their devices with these single-chip MediaTek systems next year. So far, fifth-generation mobile networks are only available on expensive flagship smartphones. Therefore, for most buyers, 5G smartphones are not yet widely available.

However, the situation will change next year when MediaTek launches an inexpensive 5G single-chip system, which will be produced using a 7-nanometer process. This information was published by an informed insider on the Weibo social network. It is also reported that the new single-chip MediaTek mid-range system will use Cortex-A76 processor cores, which will provide decent performance.

It is expected that this single-chip system will be installed on smartphones, which will cost about $ 280. This will allow MediaTek to significantly strengthen its market position.

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