Media: Apple is preparing the first gaming PC

On the Internet, they like to joke that there are no games on the Apple technique. Apparently, the company was offended by these jokes: recently it launched the Apple Arcade subscription service, and now the rumor that the “apple” corporation intends to release a real gaming PC is actively being discussed on the network.

Resource Patently Apple, citing a Taiwanese source, claims that Apple is going to release the first device in the history of the company aimed at e-sportsmen. The price of a gaming PC from a corporation from Cupertino can reach up to $ 5000. So far, however, it is not clear what it will be: a candy bar or a laptop. But it is said that the device will receive a large screen.

In general, the rumor looks logical, because this year Apple first took a step into the gaming industry with its Arcade. The casual audience in her hands – it’s time to try to win hardcore. If the information turns out to be true, then the official announcement can be expected very soon – in June 2020 at the Apple’s Global Developer Conference.

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