Mass production of motherboards for Samsung Galaxy S11 launched

Mass production of the Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11 + starts next.
Samsung’s Galaxy S11 line of smartphones is finalized and ready for production: according to a source, a mass production of motherboards for representatives of the series has begun in Korea. The data are cited to the Korean media, which became aware of the actions of DAP. She is one of the three largest suppliers of printed circuit boards for the new flagships of Samsung.

DAP has long received contracts for the production of printed circuit boards for Samsung smartphones, however, before, it supplied mainly accessories for budget models, and now, due to a decrease in Samsung’s share in the global smartphone market, DAP has begun to produce motherboards for flagship models. Of course, this should positively affect the finances of DAP – after all, components for top models cost more.

This year, the main supplier of motherboards for Samsung smartphones is the sister company Samsung Electro-Mechanics – it accounts for about 30% of supplies. In second place is Korean Circuits. In the third with a share of 15% – DAP.

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