Many smartphone market leaders have never dreamed about Apple AirPods headphone sales

Sales of the Apple AirPods wireless headphones even without the new model were impressive. However, the release of AirPods Pro will lead to another jump in supply growth.

Analysts believe that next year the Cupertian giant will be able to sell about 85 million headphones! For comparison, at the end of 2018, only six manufacturers sold more than 85 million smartphones, but you can’t even talk about headphones.

Apple’s revenue from headphone sales will more than double next year to $ 15 billion. And if the same pace continues in 2021, the headphones will simply become Apple’s third largest business. At the same time, analysts note that after 2020 the market may be saturated, and the growth rate of AirPods sales will significantly decrease, down to the minimum.

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