Major firmware updates for Nikon Z 6 and Z 7 cameras released

And insignificant – for Nikon Z 50.
As expected, update 3.0 for Z6 and Z7 improves the performance of the auto focus system. In particular, the autofocus mode with tracking objects has been improved. Now you can activate and deactivate the tracking mode using the Fn1 or Fn2 buttons on the camera body or lens body (of course, if there is such a button on the lens).

More importantly, the manufacturer changed the camera’s behavior in servo AF mode to make it more similar to the 3D tracking function implemented in Nikon SLR cameras. To enable this feature, users can hold the AF-ON button or press the shutter button halfway. Object tracking is disabled when the user removes the finger from the button, as a result of which the camera again selects the focus point that was active before the object was tracked. In addition, switching from automatic focus point selection to subject selection can be assigned to a user-selectable control button. The source notes that face and eye recognition does not work in tracking mode. At the same time, the manufacturer added autofocus with recognition of the faces and eyes of dogs and cats, which works even in video mode.

Other changes include support for ProGrade and Lexar CFexpress (Type B) memory cards, new user settings, a choice of the focus range on some Z mount lenses (for now this is only the Nikkor Z 70-200mm F2.8 VR S model) and improved switching responsiveness manual focus “when the focus or control ring on the Z-mount lens rotates during autofocus.” Also fixed problems with the brightness of the viewfinder, problems with connecting Bluetooth on iOS and rarely artifact in the form of horizontal lines in the pictures.

As for firmware 1.10 for the Z 50 mirrorless camera, it also added a choice of the focus range, and video shooting in self-portrait mode is now performed using continuous autofocus (AF-F), regardless of which mode was selected.

Updates for the Z 6, Z 7 and Z 50 are already available on the Nikon website.

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