MacPilot 11.1.3

Easily enable or disable hidden features of Mac OS X, optimize and repair your system, perform many routine system maintenance procedures by simply clicking a button!

MacPilot 11.1.3

MacPilot 11.1.3

Regardless of whether you are a professional or a novice user, now you can increase computer performance with a few clicks of the mouse. The application provides for more than 1000 operations. The user-friendly interface and file browser provide access to a wide selection of various settings, commands, key combinations.

An interesting feature of the program is that MacPilot automatically determines the version of the operating system used and displays only those options that are relevant for this version. The program has gained great popularity also because it allows you to configure not only the operating system, but also most of the standard applications: Mail, programs from the iWork package, Adium, iPhoto, Safari, etc.

You CAN {Download} MacPilot 11.1.3

Key features of MacPilot:

File Manager Finder

Turn on / off the display of hidden files, change the maximum length of the file name, enable the “Cut” item in the context menu, add sound effects, and more.


Supported on / off display of shadows, the use of the classic two-dimensional options for drawing the panel, setting the animation, resizing and transparency of the icons / dock and much more.


Setting up support for RSS and PDF, importing bookmarks from other browsers, cache operations, font settings and more.

Manage screen capture settings

Ability to disable the shadow effect, add a prefix and select the graphic file format used, specify the location of the screenshots.

Work with disks

Automatically mount disks with a user login, restore disks and access rights to them, detailed information about all hard disks in the system, turn on sleep mode for disks after a specified period of time.


Detailed information and statistics on connections, more than 50 hidden settings for networks, system optimization for a specific connection (PPPoE, satellite, cable, etc.) using preset templates.

Computer sharing

A rich configuration of computer sharing options, a limit on the number of simultaneously connected clients, work with logs and much more.

Built-in file manager

Using the file manager, you can rights for different user groups, change the properties and attributes of files. For photos, music and texts, a preview of the contents is possible.

General system information

Displays general system information about the computer, decrypts the error codes of the operating system, displays a list of keyboard combinations and Internet ports.

Version: MacPilot 11.1.3
Developer: Koingo Software, Inc.
System Requirements: macOS 10.13 or later

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