Logitech sales record high last quarter

Over three months, Logitech products sold more than $ 900 million.
Logitech recently completed the third quarter of fiscal year 2020. The corresponding report was published yesterday. The drafters of the report note that sales in the past quarter were record high.

More specifically, in the three months from October to December, Logitech products were sold for $ 903 million. This is 4% more in annual terms (even 5%, given the change in the exchange rate).

Operating profit for the year also grew by 4% – from $ 123 million to $ 129 million. When calculated using non-GAAP methods, the growth is greater: from $ 143 million to $ 152 million, or 6%. The cash flow for the year was increased from $ 176 million to $ 181 million.

Logitech has confirmed the forecast for fiscal year 2020 as a whole. For 12 months, the manufacturer expects to increase sales by 7-9% and get operating profit of 375-385 million dollars.

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