List of the fastest supercomputers in the world published

The compilers of the TOP500 list, which includes the fastest supercomputers in the world, published its 54th edition. The total performance of all 500 solutions was 1.65 exaflops, and the top 10 has not changed.

The first two lines are occupied by Summit and Sierra systems built by IBM on Power9 processors and NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs. Summit’s performance is 148.6 petaflops, Sierra’s performance is 94.6 petaflops.

Third place with a 93.0 petaflops indicator is occupied by the Chinese TaihuLight supercomputer on Chinese Sunway SW26010 processors. The fourth place belongs to the Chinese Tianhe-2A system with Intel Xeon processors and Matrix-2000 accelerators, which shows the result of 61.4 petaflops.

In fifth place with a result of 23.5 petaflops is the American Frontera system (Dell C6420), in sixth place is the Piz Daint supercomputer (Cray XC50) installed in Switzerland. With a performance of 21.2 petaflops, it is the fastest supercomputer in Europe.

The fastest Russian supercomputer SberCloud has a performance of 6.7 petaflops. This indicator corresponds to the 29th position of the TOP500 list. SberCloud is based on Intel Xeon Platinum processors and NVIDIA Tesla V100 accelerators.

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