Last chance to upgrade your old iPhone and iPad before they turn into a “brick”

Starting November 3, older iPhone and iPad models may begin to experience issues with important features. About this, Apple warned in advance on the support site. Now the deadline is coming when you can easily install the desired update.

After 15:00 Moscow time on November 3, for some models, an iOS update will be required to accurately determine the location using GPS navigation and display the date and time correctly.

If you do not update the OS, then the functions that depend on the correct date and time, such as synchronization with iCloud, downloading mail, browsing the web, navigation, and so on, will stop working. In addition, devices will be unable to receive software updates wirelessly.

This is due to the GPS time transfer issue, which began to affect third-party GPS-enabled products on April 6, 2019.

We are talking about models introduced in 2012 and earlier – iPhone 5 and iPad 4 generations, as well as iPhone 4s, iPad mini first generation, iPad 2 and iPad 3. For iPhone 5 and iPad 4 you need to make sure that the device is installed software versions of iOS 10.3.4, and for all others – iOS 9.3.6. The issue does not apply to iPad with Wi-Fi only support.

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