Kioxia specialists have developed a new flash memory cell that will increase the density of the surround layout

Development called Twin BiCS FLASH
Kioxia, formerly known as Toshiba Memory, has announced the development of the world’s first three-dimensional (3D) semicircular split-flash flash memory cell that utilizes floating shutter technology. The new memory is called Twin BiCS FLASH.

Twin BiCS FLASH is superior in performance to conventional cells with a circular charge trap with significantly smaller cell sizes. This makes the new cell a promising candidate for increasing density with fewer layers by increasing the number of recognizable levels (more than QLC).

Increasing the number of layers used to be a relatively simple way to further increase the density, but when the number of layers exceeds 100, the trade-off between complicating the process, maintaining dimensional uniformity and productivity becomes an ever more difficult task. To overcome this problem, Kioxia also developed a new design of a semicircular cell, separating the gate electrode in a conventional round cell to reduce the size.

There is no information on the period of commercialization of the development.

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