KamAZ unmanned tractor created in Russia

Russian truck manufacturer KamAZ announced the completion of a major international project to create a robotic tractor.

The unmanned vehicle was created in conjunction with the company “VIST Group” and the Kazakh University “Nazarbayev”. It was developed on the basis of the new popular KamAZ-5490 Neo truck tractor.

A set of systems for providing autonomous movement was installed on the truck, a significant part of which is the own development of VIST Group. For safe movement and scanning of the environment, the car was equipped with lidars, radars and a positioning system of world manufacturers Continental, Quanergy, Trimble.

As part of the first stage, tests were performed at a special testing ground located on the territory of the Skolkovo innovation center. The second stage was held at a testing ground in Kazakhstan with the participation of specialists from Nazarbayev University.

Kazakh developers have added a computer vision system with which the car can recognize various objects – people, animals, road fences, markings, as well as independently rebuild the route taking into account the detour of these obstacles.

It is planned that at the first stage such robotic trucks will be used for transportation within industrial

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