Japan will strengthen control over technology giants

Control designed to prevent abuse of market power.
Japan will tighten the rules of doing business to prevent a situation where technology giants such as Facebook or Google can abuse their influence and gain an unfair advantage over small businesses.

The new law will oblige technology giants, including Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon, to disclose terms of contracts with customers and report to the government on their activities.

This step follows the global trend of tightening nuts, which aims to limit the capabilities of Internet giants. Google and Facebook oppose stricter regulation, while traditional media owners support reform.

To protect personal data, the Japanese government will also revise the law on the protection of personal data to allow individuals to ask companies to stop using their data. Currently, the law regulates the processing of data collected by illegal means.

For competition law, the fair trade commission will revise the guidelines to take into account the value of data when considering mergers and acquisitions.

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