It became known when European deliveries of Volkswagen ID.3 electric vehicles will begin

The electric car Volkswagen ID.3 will soon be available for order. Consumers in most European countries will be able to make a deposit starting June 17th. Those who do this will have two delivery options.

You can choose delivery as soon as possible – the first electric vehicles will arrive at their owners in September, or you can wait until the fourth quarter. The choice in favor of the second option may be more reasonable, since Volkswagen is still finalizing ID.3 software and some features of the App Connect and projection display will be absent in the electric vehicles of the first lots. They will appear in vehicles to be shipped in the fourth quarter. Electric vehicles already shipped by then will receive a free software update….

In the end, Volkswagen plans to sell ID.3 in three different configurations, differing in mileage without recharging, but first only cars with a battery capacity of 58 kWh will be available, which can travel on a single charge up to 420 km. Their prices, depending on equipment and finishes, will lie in the range of 40-50 thousand euros.

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